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Listennnnn books can be relaxing, but when we to talkin’ bout these characters like they went out with us last night, it gets crazy quick quick! lol That’s exactly what happens throughout the year discussing The Prism Series, by Love Belvin. In collaboration with our sistah, Indie Love, we are joined by Miesha P & Author Kema B. for a real hott discussion on the final release of the series, The Promise. Chileee Love gave us “Mercy” then a lil “Grace”, but this Promise was something else! It got wild up in BSB! Check it out!

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Bourbon Street Bookers is now on several platforms. We’ve added another fun way to connect with what’s going on with BSB. We’re on TikTok! When social media isn’t an option for members, we can be followed through Goodreads and Amazon for book recommendations. Additionally, we can be followed for conversation in the Clubhouse Audio app.

Authors of the Month Grey Huffington

Congratulations to our December Author of the Month, Grey Huffington!

The FB feeds of BSB was filled throughout the month of December with all things Grey Huffington, prompted by The Eisenberg Effect Series!  The readers of BSB was loud and heard, very clearly, so it went without saying, our Author of the Month was selected by active engagement of readers.  That's BIG... You see usually our BSB admins make the recommendation of the selection of reads, but without prompting, our readers where in there cutting up!   

"Instant gratification is where I thrive, which is why I prefer short stories over three hour movies and novellas over five-hundred page reads. My books are warm, inviting, and real. Ask anyone (or check the reviews) and you'll discover I create the most enchanting heroes a girl could ever dream of. It's almost hard to separate fact from fiction when encompassed in one of my books. They're truly the alternate world that you wish to escape to often. And, the range is there, too. From short stories that'll keep you enthralled during your lunch break or novels that read for hours and are able to get you through your full shift.

In other words, I'm Grey Huffington. Even if you see only a g. on the cover, know that's me. I'm a black woman with black experiences who is writing about the black love she's witnessed, heard of, or imagined. Basically, I lie for a living. It's all make-believe, but it's all beautiful. From the first word to the last, I hope you enjoy."

Congratulations to author Grey Huffington, on being selected by the readers of BSB to represent as AOTM in these literary streets!

Keep up with Grey Huffington by visiting: 


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