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You’ve got to check this out!  Y’all know it goes down in BSB on a regular basis.  Baby, when we brought the LBU over to talk about our brotha Jas…Chile, the way we cut up!  Indie Love set us up on a platform for a time to be had! You will quickly learn this couple stirred up some serious drama in these BSB streets!

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Bourbon Street Bookers is now on several platforms. We’ve added another fun way to connect with what’s going on with BSB.  We’re on TikTok! When social media isn’t an option for members, we can be followed through Goodreads and Amazon for book recommendations.  Additionally, we can be followed for conversations in the Clubhouse Audio app.

Author of the Month Kay Shanee!

Congratulations to our February Author of the Month,  Kay Shanee!

In addition to Kay being an amazing writer, she's also a wife, mother, and educator. Born and raised in the Midwest, in her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Her favorite pastimes are reading and writing romance novels about the dopeness of Black Love!  

Kay shares her pen with readers to show some of that dope black love that she reads about and has also penned some Melanin Magic for our children to embrace their love of self.

Want more on Kay, check her out on these platforms:

FB: Kay Shanee
IG: @authorkayshanee

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