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Bourbon Street Bookers is now on several platforms. We’ve added another fun way to connect with what’s going on with BSB. We’re on TikTok! When social media isn’t an option for members, we can be followed through Goodreads and Amazon for book recommendations. Additionally, we can be followed for conversation in the Clubhouse Audio app.

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BSB has so many authors to joined us throughout the year. The live interaction with readers at least once a month virtually, is the perfect way to stay connected, have fun, ask questions, and get the author’s thoughts about our reaction to their book. The authors show up and feel like they’re among family when the start chatting. Sometimes, we’re able to have exclusive one-on-one interviews with the author to find out what’s next.

Once upon a time, we had some members to participate in a special edition of #TeamZo vs. #TeamStentRo. Check out the video for all the laughs and insightful comments about their favorite characters.

Rae Lyse Author of the Month

Our Author of the Month is one of the newest and latest authors to leave readers speechless! Rae Lyse is a Texas-based romance author who enjoys reading and traveling. With a background in social work and a love of romance she seeks to blend the two by crafting love stories involving some of the most complex characters. We asked Rae to share a few words with us about herself and her work:

As an author I’m unconventional. I write from the heart. I typically try to write about everyday people because although we’re ordinary we all have extraordinary stories to tell no matter how mundane they may seem. My fellow social workers will find a lot of “social worky” things in my stories. You’ll never get surface-level characters from me because I treat my characters as if they’re real people (in a sense they are). Each and every one of them have a backstory and I feel that it’s my duty to tell those stories. 

I’m inspired by everyday things, places, and people. In true social worker form, I’m always searching for a way to give a voice to the voiceless. My style is different. I typically write in third person whereas most romance is written in first person. There’s something about writing in third person that’s very soothing to me. I’m typically a pantser not a plotter. I free write because as I go the characters usually tell me their stories the further along I get. They talk and I write. In the end I usually uncover lots of things about them, myself, and others. It’s cathartic.

To Ayanna, Allegra, and BSB members: Thank you for cultivating such a positive space to discuss black literature without judgement or negativity. It’s one of the few spaces on Facebook where I feel at ease because I know you guys are always going to bring the fun and support. Even when I’m not active on Facebook, I find myself lurking in BSB to see what new books are being discussed or to catch up on the hilarious shenanigans. BSB is also where it first started for me on Facebook and I’m so grateful for you guys. 

Rae's Sun Series is a true light into the lives of all the boys struggling to be men, "I tried to tell your stories and do them justice. I hope I told them well."

"Thank you to those of you who loved the stories for what they were and didn’t dwell on what you wanted them to be. Thank you for loving hard on the characters and accepting them, flaws and all. 

Thank you for the genuine love and for understanding that support isn’t just sticking around for a character, a theme, a moment, or when others are showing love—it’s sticking around for every journey, every love story, and even the times I’m feeling so shitty that I can’t even put words to paper."

The Sun Series is complete and available on Amazon.


For autographed copies of this series, visit: To connect and stay up-to-date on her growing catalog, follow Rae on 
Instagram: @raelysebooks and
Rae Lyse

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