What’s all the hype?

“I am truly loving you guys’ presence in the lit community! ”  - Author Love Belvin

“If you know anything about NOLA, the vibe is always electric, fun, & of course naughty… That’s BSB!” - Author Tiye Love

“The storm & calm cool breeze…it means a lot to have you rocking with me!” - Indie Love

Why BSB?

There are so many reasons members are still  with us as we SecondLined into our Fourth Year in this literary community!  “What do you love about BSB?'“, is the question we lead with.  Check out what they had to say, they gave us everything!

We’re so grateful for the members, support, and love that has been consistently shown to us!  Each month we kick off our engagement with recommendations in our monthly BIG Beads and Reads Newsletter. You can always catch our recorded Live Book Discussions throughout the month or Yappin’ with Yanna discussions on our YouTube channel.

Just in time to wrap up another amazing month, BSB has been nominated three years in a row for Best Black Bookclub.  It is such an honor to be recognized amongst our peers.  This literary community of avid readers and awesome authors are a whole vibe!

You can’t stop a well read woman! We read the books, we drink the drinks. All the smack we talk in our texts will now be brought to you! Bourbon Street Bookers is a nod to the simple things we love in life: Drinking, NOLA, and Reading. We’re just a couple of women that bonded over books and are aiming to connect to like hearted souls.

Readers of diverse genres are welcome to engage readers and authors in a safe, non-judgmental space. The books discussed and read all range from spiritual inspirational to urban fiction.

BSB continues to grow!

Facebook & Instagram have over 1,900 followers!  Over 1,000 Twitter &TikTok followers. 400 members have subscribed to the Big Beads and Reads Newsletter! Over 100 YouTube followers. We’ve connected with over 400 indie and published authors everyday while linking readers with their favorite books, supporting Black Authors, as well as, Black Book Clubs, Black Book Stores, Black Podcasters & Black Book Bloggers!               All of this in 3 years!

Who are the faces of Bourbon Street Bookers?

Allegra & Ayanna are the founders of Bourbon Street Bookers.  These ladies are childhood friends, who reconnected as adults over their passion for reading.  The love of reading was an immediate bond which has taken them on journeys they never knew possible.  Their genuine sisterhood formed a supportive network for authors, aspiring authors, bloggers, podcasters and readers.  

An added valued face became a part of this dynamic team, Terra aka T. Rob.  Terra connected with Allegra & Ayanna through the passion of reading as well.  The connection was intense and authentic, there is no denying her place within this team.  She’s the expert on audiobooks and adds just the right balance to BSB with a great eye for details.

Together, they aspire to sponsor literacy programs for the youth of New Orleans and other local areas, in hopes of contributing to the support in development of reading skills at an early age.  Targeting youth will aid in children learning to read, comprehend, and remain motivated, as well as being confident in their reading ability.

BSB, Richelle & Angela our Angel

BSB & Martha E. a BSB member

BSB & Kecia C. a BSB member


These are the faces of our 1st quarter Spotlight Readers:

January: Evelyn J., February: Shanell W.; & March: Patrese W.


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