Why BSB?

BSB has over 1,600 members on Facebook & Instagram, and over 900 members on Twitter. There are so many reasons members are still with us as we SecondLined into our Second Year in this literary community! “What do you love about BSB?'“, is the question we lead with. Check out what they had to say, they gave us everything!

We’re so grateful for the members, support, and love that has been consistently shown to us! Each month we kick off our engagement with recommendations in our monthly BIG Beads and Reads Newsletter. You can always catch our Live Beans and Bourbon Monday Night or Yappin’ with Yanna discussions on our YouTube channel.

Just in time to wrap up another amazing month, BSB has been nominated two years in a row for Best Black Bookclub. It is such an honor to be recognized among our peers. This literary community of avid readers and awesome authors are a whole vibe!


BSB continues to grow!

Facebook & Instagram have over 1,600 followers! We have over 350 subscribers for our monthly newsletter. Over 900 Twitter followers. Nearly 400 members have subscribed to the Big Beads and Reads Newsletter! We’ve connected with over 200 indie and published authors everyday while linking readers with their favorite books, supporting Black Authors, as well as, Black Book Clubs, Black Book Stores, Black Podcasters & Black Book Bloggers!

BSB, Richelle & Angela our Angel

Terra & Sonia J. a BSB member

Ayanna meets Tyia K., a BSB member


These are the faces of our 1st quarter Spotlight Readers:

January: Tyia K., February: Karyn C.; & March: Adrienne G.

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